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Welcome to LouisianaMap

LouisianaMAP is the official mapping portal for Louisiana government. With this site, anyone can interactively create, view, and print high-quality maps for any location within Louisiana - for free. The geographic data available from this site is managed and maintained by local, state, and federal agencies.

What's New?

LouisianaMAP provides (and we are currently developing) many features that will effectively serve as a clearinghouse for maps, spatial data and more.

Ready-to-use services and features can be accessed with a number of different mapping applications, including Web browsers, thin-client applications (such as ArcGIS Explorer, Google Earth etc.), and many professional-level GIS applications that support industry standard GIS data formats.

The web applications available on this site will develop in three steps, starting with the current step: providing a basic framework for map applications and data services.  Emphasis is on establishing stable interactive maps and globe services.  Additional features will be implemented in time. You can read more about the future of LouisianaMAP here.

Start Mapping...

Begin with one of the three services below. More services will be introduced in the coming weeks...

Online Mapping
Find places, browse the landscape, and add satellite / aerial imagery to your custom map.


Use your browser to view these maps:

More coming...

Download Maps
Browse, find, download, print, or order maps of Louisiana. Many only require a PDF viewer to view and print maps other than.


Map collections include

  • Historic Maps
  • Special Interest
  • State-wide
  • Parish
  • and more...

Data Services
GIS Professionals can access geospatial data resources: Click here to locate and download data to your computer.


Last updated on May 19, 2011 . More to come...
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